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Is your company’s website responsive?

Is your company’s website responsive?

28 Apr 2015 | Jorge Ferreira | General

Google revised it’s positioning algorithm. Do you know who is penalized? All websites that are not responsive! In other words, those that are not optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

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Responsive web-design, how important is it? A real estate perspective.
Lunar approach
Lunar approach


  • Proppy - Real Estate Software
    We developed PROPPY, a vertical software for real estate agents. Versatile, but especially designed for those who want to sell their properties abroad.
  • Webshapes - Site & CMS
    We have high quality pre-structured solutions, but if you prefer we can design and implement a custom solution just for you.
  • Branding
    The logo/brand is the basis of building your corporate identity, for this, it is essential that this representation is designed appropriately to the characteristics of your organization.

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